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How to Reach Us

You can e-mail us on
Or you can give remarks and your feedback by filling the contact us form.We would appreciate your feedback.

Marketing Director

Mirza Naeem Akhtar
Mob: 0321 5070797
e-mail: mirza_csign@yahoo.com


How to Order Online

The order of print media can be placed online through this form also. You can simply tell the details in the message section. For example: what kind of thing you want us to make like brochure, flyer, banner, corporate identity, website etc. You have to give your contact information. So that either we could contact you. or you could call us.

Online Order Form


News Media

Powerful, Most instant ever changing scenario of media enriched by un- restrained networking, Mushrooms growth of television channels and digital printing techniques have absolutely reshaped conventional, cultural and contemporary impact of this generic Revolution, today we are made to believe that most empowering weapon for anyone anywhere is media. We take the hypothesis as magic lantern for over-triumph after all we are one.

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